Notice of Public Hearing for Bylaw 2020-02

A Public Hearing for Bylaw 2020-02: Land Use Bylaw 2015-09 Amendment will be held in the Town of Trochu Office, at 222 Northfield Road, Trochu AB, on February 10th, 2020, commencing at 6:15pm.

The purpose of Bylaw 2020-02 is to consider an application to amend Land Use Bylaw 2015-09, Part VIII “Land Use District Map”, by re-designating Plan 8210 A.K.; Block 2; Lots 19-22 inclusive (Civic Address: 414/420 Arena Ave), in the Town of Trochu, from Community Service District (CS) to Central Business District (CB). See our Bylaws & Policies page for more details.