PUBLIC HEARING – Northwest Area Structure Plan

NOTICE is hereby given that Trochu Town Council has passed the 1st reading of Bylaw #2020-16, the Northwest Area Structure Plan Bylaw, and has scheduled a Public Hearing regarding the Bylaw to take place at 6:10pm on November 9th, 2020, at the Baptist Fellowship Centre (201 Arena Ave, Trochu, AB).

Prior to the Public Hearing, Trochu residents will have an opportunity to learn more about the Northwest ASP and submit questions or comments online and by phone. To see the proposed plan and find contact information, CLICK HERE.

To see the full Public Hearing Notice and find instructions for making formal submissions, CLICK HERE.

Fire Blight Disease








Fire blight, a bacterial disease affecting trees and shrubs in the rose family, has been seen in Trochu.

It affects primarily the rose family of trees and shrubs such as apple and crab apple, pear, mountain ash, cotoneaster, raspberry, flowering almond, and saskatoon. Symptoms include red or brown leaves that look ‘fire-scorched’, wilting in new growth, and bark cankers, which can indicate a more serious infection and can kill the tree.

To treat the disease you must prune and destroy all diseased wood. However, pruning can also be a means of transmission and tools must be sanitized as you prune. Diseased wood should be taken to the transfer site, please do not use it in mulch, compost or store as firewood or compost materials.

For more details and pruning guidelines, see here and here.