Residential Recycling Program

Green Bin Recycling Pickup is FRONT PICK-UP only. Please place your recycling bins and extra recycling out front while keeping public walkways clear. Extra recycling materials can be put in plastic bags and set beside the green recycling bin, extra cardboard can be folded, tied if needed, and stacked underneath the bin.

If you do not have a recycling bin at your residence, please contact the Town of Trochu to obtain one.

Can Pak Recycling Information with Calendar

Recycling Information & Tips

In addition to the listed items, empty aerosol containers cannot be recycled in these bins.

Do you know all of your recycling options in Trochu?


Clean, dry boxes. Cardboard must be flattened, with all plastic removed and placed flat through bin slots. For business pick up of cardboard, all cardboard must be flattened or it will not be picked up.


Clean, dry newsprint and flyers, glossy magazines with staples


Compost Bins available to purchase from Town of Trochu at $15 per bin. The Town WILL ONLY pick up clean compost that has been disposed of in an approved compost bin.

Acceptable compost: clean grass clippings, vegetable peelings, light garden waste, leaves, etc.

Unacceptable:  meat scraps, wood, plastic, metal, branches, thick garden stalks, household garbage, etc.

Transfer Site also recycles paint cans, electronics, tires, and metal

*** Recycling available during regular transfer site hours ***

Trochu Bottle Depot is located beside ATB on Main Street and open Wednesday through Saturday.