Remembering Pontmain School

Pontmain, Trochu’s ‘Little School’

“Be the best that you can be!”


A Short History of Pontmain School

(care of Remember When Vol. 2)

Trochu’s first school, called St. Mary’s, was opened by the Sisters of Charity when they first arrived in 1909. This school was moved to the top of the hill, next to St. Mary’s Hospital, and renamed Pontmain School in 1912. In 1914, a two-story brick building was erected but in 1958, a fire in the basement led to the building of a new school, with the official opening in September of 1959. The new school had four roomy classrooms, offices and a gymnasium, and additional classrooms were added in 1967. In 1969, Pontmain and Trochu Valley School Districts were dissolved and the Trochu Valley School District No. 1742 was formed, including Pontmain School.

Pontmain Public School became known as the “little school” because of its size and also because it taught the little ones, Grades 1 to 3, as well as kindergarten. It became a very busy place, encouraging the importance of the subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic, and also understanding of community and culture. Pontmain Day was celebrated on January 17th every year, with a winter afternoon filled with outdoor games, activities and hot cocoa. The School Colors were blue and yellow and a school mascot called Poohna (the panda) made frequent guest appearances to encourage team and school spirit.

Students were encouraged to recognize that each person is unique and that each has something to offer, that the school motto of “to be the best that you can be” was and is worth striving for.

After many decades of fun and education, Pontmain School closed its doors in June of 2009 and was demolished in October of 2019.

Tro-Val students outside Pontmain School before its demolition, this was the last class to attend Pontmain before its closure:


The Demolition: