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Returning Officer

The Town of Trochu is seeking a Returning Officer for the upcoming 2017 Municipal General Election. Candidates should be experienced with the current Local Authorities Election Act and have previous experience with Municipal, Provincial or Federal Elections. Experience with manual counting will be considered an asset. The Returning Officer will also assist the Town of Trochu Chief Administrative Officer with the preparation of election packages and be available to take nominations on Nomination Day. The Returning Officer shall be responsible for all duties outlined in the Local Authorities Election Act. This is a temporary position requiring a flexible work schedule. The Returning Officer will work approximately ten days over a period of five months. Further details about this position will be available on the Town of Trochu website. Please apply to the Town of Trochu, Box 340, Trochu, AB T0M 2C0 or by email to secretary@town.trochu.ab.ca

The Returning Officer will be responsible for:

  1. Making sure that the Candidates Nomination package will be available by July 1 of the election year providing this information is available from the province.
  2. Will make arrangements for a minimum of 1(one) Advanced Poll which shall be held at least two weeks prior to the Election Date as determined by the Town Council and the Local Authorities Election Act.
  3. Will be responsible for placing notices in the Local paper regarding the Advance Poll date, location and hours as well as the Election Day date, location and hours.
  4. Will determine and discuss with the approval of the Selection Committee the amount of additional staff required for the Election.
  5. Will be responsible for hiring & training of Staff for the Advanced Poll and Election Day.
  6. Will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements of the Advance Poll and Election Day. It is recommended that these polls be held in town owned facilities to deter costs.
  7. Will be responsible for following the Local Authorities Election Act and observing all dates outline in that Act.
  8. Will be responsible for setting up polls for Incapacitated Elector at Home Votes and polls for St. Mary’s Lodge.
  9. The immediate supervisor for this position is the CAO.

Public Works Summer Student

The Town Of Trochu is now accepting resumes for Summer Student Employees. Main duties will be mowing and weed whipping. Successful applicants must have a valid Driver’s License. Job runs from May 1 To August 31.  Jobs depend on funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Grant. Resumes can be dropped off at the Town Office or sent to the attention of Catlin Hewey Box 340, Trochu, AB T0M 2C0 or emailed to publicworks@town.trochu.ab.ca

Trochu Arboretum and Gardens is Hiring a Summer Student

To assist the head gardener with all aspects of maintaining the Arboretum. Successful applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be returning to post-secondary school in the fall. Job runs from May 1 to Aug 31. Position depends on acceptance of the Canada Summer Jobs grant. Contact Kirsty Leischner at 403- 588-8600, Box 340, Trochu, AB T0M 2C0, or email arboretum@town.trochu.ab.ca