Development Permits

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Development Permits

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What is a development permit?

A development permit is a document required from the Town before beginning any new construction, renovation, demolition, signage, change of use, home occupation, or subdivision, with a few exceptions.

When is a development permit NOT needed?

Please see the LUB, section III.7 for a more detailed list, but in general a development permit is not required for:

  • General maintenance and repairs to a building that don’t include structural alterations
  • Maintenance and improvement of fences, gates, or similar enclosures
  • Construction and maintenance of private walkways, pathways, driveways, or similar works
  • Construction or replacement of one shed with a maximum area of 120 sq.ft. and height of 8.2 ft.
  • Limited numbers and categories of signage, as per the LUB, section III.7.(11)

How do I apply for a development permit?

The first step is to fill out a Development Permit Application and submit it, along with the permit fee and a site plan, to the Town of Trochu Office. The fees and requirements for other types of permits, such as a Home Occupation Permit or a Demolition Permit, may vary and we recommend contacting the Development Officer ahead of time for these.

The application will then be assessed by the Development Officer to determine if it fits the requirements of the LUB and what the impact will be on surrounding properties. The Development Officer can also help applicants understand what requirements apply to them and what other information or documentation is needed.

How much will a development permit cost?

The cost of a development permit is set by the current Rates & Fees Bylaw and will depend on the estimated value of the development.

What happens after I apply?

If your development falls within the regulations of the LUB, it is considered a Permitted Use and the approved permit may be issued by the Development Officer.

If your development does not fall within the regulations of the LUB, it is considered a Discretionary Use and the permit application must be presented to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC), a committee of Town of Trochu Councillors. When applying for a Discretionary Use, we encourage you to speak to the Development Officer in advance to help identify any regulations that need to be considered, and any potential amendments that could be made to ensure the application can be processed efficiently.

If your application has to go to the MPC, it will be presented at the next MPC meeting where they will approve the application (with or without conditions) or refuse it outright. The MPC’s authority to make decisions on permit applications is granted by the LUB. If the permit was granted, it does not come into effect until twenty-one (21) days after any affected parties are notified.

How do I appeal a development permit decision?

Any person who believes they are affected by the approval or refusal of a Discretionary Use development permit may make an appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the publication of the notice.

The Town of Trochu participates in a Regional SDAB with Parkland Community Planning Services. For more information click here.