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Forest of Lights at the Trochu Arboretum!

This year’s Forest of Lights runs from December 13th to January 1st!

Hot dog nights are December 14th, 18th, 21st, and 28th.

Alberta Ag-Plastic. Recycle It!

Cleanfarms, under a contract with the Alberta Plastic Recycling Group, is operating a three-year agricultural recycling program to collect grain bags and twine.

Trochu’s nearest collection site is at the Drumheller Landfill, and they accept both grain bags and twine under the following conditions:

  • Grain bags must be relatively clean (5% contamination allowed), rolled, and tied with twine
  • Twine must be relatively clean and placed into clear bags, no net wrap, or silage plastic allowed
  • Bags or twine that aren’t acceptable to Cleanfarms will have to be landfilled at a charge of $62.50/tonne

Calling prior to delivery is preferred if you have large amounts (eg. a flat deck trailer full) but one or two grain bags or a few bags of twine can be accepted without scheduling. Customers must be at the Landfill by 4:00 pm., Mon – Fri. They may accept one or two bags on Saturdays however large volumes will not be accepted.

If you have questions specific to the Drumheller Landfill, please visit drumhellerlandfill.com or call 403-823-1345. For more general information and to find other collection sites, visit the Cleanfarms website.


Pontmain School

We say goodbye to an important piece of Trochu’s history now that the demolition of Pontmain School is complete. See a short history and photos here.